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The time spent in making a change on your lathe or turning center to go from running round stock to running square or hex stock cost you in time. Using the traditional Manual Machining System to change from round stock to square hex stock ties up resources in the form of people and machines. 

Over time, this unnecessary expenditure of manpower and machine time can add up to a significant dollar amount. As your customers are forcing you to lower your prices and give them a faster delivery you need to find a way to hold your profits. In a short period of time you can more than cover your initial investment. A Collet Pad Top Jaw System is a great way to save time and money. 

With a Collet Pad Top Jaw System, all you do is remove 3 screws holding the pads in place, and screw in the next set of pads needed. The entire process takes about 3 minutes, and requires no re-tooling, decreasing your down time and increasing your profits.

Industry has been using the time-tested Collet Pad System for over 100 years, and the even more efficient Collet Pad Top Jaw Systems have been in use for more then 25 years. Both large and small companies have found the Collet Pad Top Jaw System to be a great way to save time and make money faster.


Today, ISO not only sells Collet pads and the Collet pad top Jaws, we also can assist you with your special jaw designs. ISO can help with your work holding needs. We also can supply your soft jaws, hard jaws, T-nuts and other chuck related products.


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