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STRONG® N200A Series Chucks Are Interchangeable With Kitagawa® B-200 Series Chucksstrong4
Over 30 years of innovative manufacturing experience

  • ISO 9002 and MCS certification
  • Rigid inspection process to ensure finished product quality
  • 2, 3 & 4 jaw and Extra Large Bore chucks
  • OEM on Victor, Okuma, & Leadwell and many other turning centers
  • Higher gripping force and larger bore compared to standard chucks
  • STRONG® hydraulic cylinders, master jaws, chip covers, wedge plungers, threaded drawnuts, chuck wrenches and adapter plates are and interchange with Kitagawa® B-200 Series chucks



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  • Approximatly 20% higher speed, higher gripping force and larger bore compared with usual chucks
  • Model N-200A chucks are assembled with adapter for ASA B5.9 type A spindles
  • Model N-200A chucks are manufactured from high grade alloy steel
  • All sliding surfaces are hardened and ground for accuarcy and repeatablity
  • Chucks include all mounting hardware
  • Additional charge for threaded drawnu

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Is It Time To Replace Your Kitagawa® B-200 Series Chuck?


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